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Rodan employs Autodesk Inventor, an industry standard 3D CAD system by Autodesk, to design systems and plant layouts.

Inventor is compatible with the Autodesk 2D AutoCAD system, a program used worldwide in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as in architecture.
The 3D model is an exact and complete representation of the real project; clashes can be detected; infeed and offtake heights matched up; clearances for installation, operation and maintenance can be designed in; all prior to the engineering phase. This prevents costly redesigns, on-site fixes, installation modifications and/or building modifications etc. that are all expensive and time consuming. The use of 3D CAD therefore results in a delivered design that is right first time, that installs correctly and to programme.

Clients are able to view the system before fabrication begins; they do not have to use their imagination to interpret 2D drawings in 3 dimensional space.

Inventor generates concise and informative exploded assembly drawings for inclusion in the as-built Operation & Maintenance manual. This makes maintenance work easier to detail and easier for the operators to understand.

Via different file formats like STEP, SAT and JGES, Inventor can import and export data from/to other 3D CAD systems like Solid Works, Solid Edge, VariCAD, ProEngineer etc. This eliminates the chances for data misinterpretation when drawings are prepared and then transmitted to the various different disciplines involved in the overall project delivery.
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