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Advanced Thermal Treatment

M3RP Thermal Distillation/Deploymerisation Plant
The M3RP Advanced Thermal Treatment Plant is a conversion process that depolymerises and then distils waste materials into gas, oil and carbon char. It forms the basis for all the Rodan thermal energy from waste systems and consists of:
  1. An in-feed system consisting of a specially designed hopper that receives pelletised shredded feedstock. The hopper sits atop an airlock system to prevent infiltration of air/oxygen.
  2. The feed stock is then introduced into a heated reaction chamber resulting in the thermal denaturation of the material. Gasification and Condensing normally starts within 15 minutes once the system has obtained operating temperature. The Reactor is in a sealed chamber (insulated inside and out) equipped with augers which convey the feedstock in a forward motion. This is then vaporised and the volatiles or gases are transferred under negative pressure to a condensing skid.
  3. These gases are then conveyed through a heat exchanger/ filtration system to both condense and clean the gases resulting in a very clean Condensate and
  4. Pyrogas. Some of the gas is used to sustain the process thereby reducing parasitic requirements.
  5. Once all the volatiles (gases) are extracted from the feedstock, all that remains is a fixed carbon or pyro-char. This char exits the system from an outlet auger and is conveyed to a storage tank.
  6. The system is designed to include a cooling water circulation system consisting of a cooling water pump, cooling tower, oil transfer pumps, oil storage tank, oil scrubbing system, oil filtration unit, gas compressor and gas transfer storage tank.
  7. The M3RP is modular and can be supplied in sizes ranging from 6 MT per day of input material to 33 MT, 50 MT and up to 75 MT per day. Depending upon quality and type of input material the plant would expect to generate the following power:   
  • 500 kWhe per MT of pelletised MSW
  • 1500 kWhe per MT of SRF
  • 1900 kWhe per MT of mixed plastics
  • 2200 kWhe per MT of tyre chip
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