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150 tonnes per day rotary BioDigester
The rotary BioDigester is a rotating aerobic composting system that is capable of accepting up to 150tpd of mixed black-bag waste and composting the biodegradable fraction into a friable organic rich raw compost for easy separation from the non-biodegradable fraction.

After just two days in the BioDigester, the material can be discharged into a specially designed RPS MRF that can then separate the biomass fraction from the non-biomass and further extract metals for recycling. The biomass fraction is then available for pelletising into biomass fuel pellets while the non-biomass can be made into RDF or pelletised either separately or as a blended mixture with the biomass, to increase the calorific value of the fuel pellets.

In just two days the BioDigesters convert the variable mixed waste feedstock into a consistent homogenous fuel for ATT energy recovery using Rodan gasification/pyrolysis.
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