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Due Diligence

Rodan has a team of highly trained experts ready to undertake due diligence for our clients. Our team has conducted technical, financial and project due diligence on a variety of Waste to Energy, composting and anaerobic digestion technologies.

From gasification/pyrolysis, to in-vessel composting and AD, our staff have a wide knowledge base upon which to draw to support our clients.

We also provide preliminary technology advice to EPC companies, accountancy firms and funding institutions to prevent costly use of time and resources on proposals that will never be able to deliver on their promises, either through bad choice of technology or over optimistic performance predictions.
Outline of a typical project Due Dilgence review for an EPC contract

  1. Technology DD and risk assessment.

  2. Environmental and planning compliance with local legislation.

  3. Technology providers’ ability to service a back-to-back technology guarantee over the entire EPC period. Review: turnover, forward order book, company financial standing from previous 3 years company accounts, any Parent Company Guarantee, Performance Bond etc.

  4. Client's financial standing. Review: previous 3 year’s company accounts, forward order book.

  5. Project long term commercial viability (dependent upon terms of the EPC wrap).

  6. Where appropriate we enlist specialist support from our legal and accountancy partners to provide expert knowledge and peace of mind throughout the whole due diligence process.
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