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Turning Waste to Energy
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RPS ATT Advantages

Advantages of the Rodan Energy from Waste Technology

  • The Rodan system has a state of the art PLC Display that shows the operator many features including all temperatures, pressures and operating conditions, trends and overview on the main display. The PLC can be linked by internet to the Rodan remote monitoring station to enable remote diagnostics to advise when preventative maintenance should be conducted to mainatin optimum performance.

  • The design of the feed system is unique and allows for rapid expansion and contraction from temperature changes. This ensures a longer life of the auger/screw conveyor feed system. Also, the in-feed system is designed to minimize operator error by linking the auger speed to feed rate thru the PLC.

  • The Reactor is designed to allow for unimpeded flow of Pyrogas to the condenser. This is based on the unique geometry of the auger.

  • The Condensing System has no venturi but instead has an efficient particle separator and heat exchanger. Prior to the condensing system, there is a specially designed carbon/tar removal system. This prevents clogging of the condenser.

  • The Carbon Out-Feed System is designed to enhance the quality of the carbon by slightly activating the carbon. Therefore, the carbon is less dusty and has a better pore structure and surface area.

  • All M3RP systems are modular and supplied on skids for easy installation and mounting.
  • The system uses Low NOx & CO burners. Emissions meet International Standards.
  • The gas lines are trace heated to avoid condensation of the gas before scrubbing. This is necessary in colder climates.
  • The system also comes with an Oxygen Analyzer which is an important safety feature in determining air leaks in the system.
  • A Vortex Gas Flow Meter shows live accumulated flow of generated pyro-gas.
  • The system is certified for ATEX and HAZOP to meet international safety and construction standards.
  • The Rodan process is fully insured with all the expected Professional Indemnity policies.  However for peace of mind the purchaser can be assured that after the official handover the client is indemnified against loss of earnings as part of their full maintenance contract.
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